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Make more money in security

Want to make more money in security?

Often we get the question or complaint about the amount of money that can be made within the security industry. In this post, we will be discussing some of the common hurdles that people face, as well as some strategies that can help you improve your value.


Your attitude is key. How you think affects your decision making, your body language and your word choice. If you enter any employment position with the attitude of solving your own problems, then this is how others are going to pick up your non-verbal communication.

As an employee, your role is to solve a problem for the company. If you can see your position within the company from this perspective, then a path becomes clear. Learn new ways to solve more problems.


You first get hired and you pick up as many shifts as you can. This helps your employer solve their staffing shortages. You notice that your site has high staff turn over. You choose your next goal is formal education on how to solve high turn over issues.

Once you complete your education (this can be a weekend workshop, or a multi-week or month program). You let your employer know that you have an education in this area, thus often resulting in a promotion. You now make more money and more responsibility. Now look for the next problem to solve.


Education can come from a number of areas. Formale, experiential, and casual. Education can often be seen as an expensive investment. It is an investment, but if you have little money available, then any amount is expensive. Our recommendation is to start off with a library card. The library is an undervalued resourced. Million’s of dollars worth of education for free. There are zero excuses for not taking advantage of your local library.

Start with solving a problem as we mentioned above. This is considered casual education. It might not be recognized as a certification but it can be a topic you speak too. We offer a FREE Course that can be of value if you live in Calgary, Alberta.

Next is to request more responsibility from your employer. Often we think we should get paid more before accepting more responsibility. Money is the result, not the goal. As you apply for jobs, you will always see job posting requiring a level of experience in key areas. The more areas of experience you have, the higher-level jobs you qualify for. This will help you towards making more money in security.


We are always told that you should not judge a book by its cover. Yet as adults we know that this is not true in all areas. When someone doesn’t know you, then the only measurement available for them is your appearance and presentation.

This is not about looking fashionable or dressing a certain way. We just want to acknowledge that your credibility is founded in this. You should always dress your best for a job interview, but more importantly, you should dress with your best intention every day you work.

By dressing with intention, this is your attitude towards your appearance. Are your clothes or uniform the best presentation they can be? Clean, Ironed, Hair Combed, Showered, etc..

There is a saying that you can judge a tradesperson by the condition of their tools. In security, your presentation is your tools.

If you are not sure if you are presenting your best possible self, ask someone. Asking is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of growth. Look in the mirror and see if you are the person you would invest in. If the answer is yes, then you have it. If you are not sure, then it is worth working towards. It takes time.


The above points are common areas we see that people can address. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Making more money in security is possible. But if you start in some small way tomorrow, then you will see the results you are looking for sooner. Give yourself to make mistakes and try and seek out people that appear to exhibit the skills and qualities you are looking to introduce within yourself. They might share their own tips. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Good Luck and enjoy the journey.



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