First Aid during COVID: PPE

First Aid:Are you prepared?

As a training and equipment supplier, we see a lot of trends and behaviours within the Canadian security and protection industry first hand.

One of which is the response to new standards of best practices for business operations during COVID-19.

It is great to see that many organizations and staff are taking a reasonable and proportionate response to this new change. Yet, I still see areas that there are critical and not being addressed.

For example:  Responding to first aid situations.

If you are working for or with front line security teams, then you know that responding to first aid situations can be a common expectation.

With all the day to day preparations that have to be met, I see that building a COVID relevant first aid plan is rarely takin into consideration.

Are your first aid kits equipped for the additional PPE to protect the responders from increased hazard and risk of fluid? Are you using Bag-Valve Masks instead of rescue breaths? Or have you communicated compression-only CPR? What PPE are staff expected to wear for an initial response?, What is the plan if contaminated with droplet hazards?, How are staff positioned and distanced for verbal assessments and support?

The purpose of this is not to recommend a specific approach or method, but to open the conversation and awareness of operation gaps that can happen quickly.

We have supplied a lot of PPE to our clients, yet upon following up with our clients, rarely as a first-aid upgrade consideration.

I strongly suggest looking at your current workflow and response with a critical eye and see if you need to address operational approaches and/or equipment upgrade kits and critical decision making.

SCOPE Safety & Security built upon a simple practice: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

How prepared are your teams?



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